Palladium 950 Concave Court 6mm Wedding Ring




Palladium Designed Wedding Ring
950 Palladium Hallmark
Width 6mm
Available in Sizes K-Z
Average Weight 6.0g
Presented in Elegant Cardboard Ring Box

Palladium 950 Light Weight Concave Court Shape Polished 6mm Wedding Ring

This elegant Palladium Concave Court Shaped Wedding Ring has a beautiful design, which reflects light in an attractive manner. A court ring, also know as comfort fit, features a rounded polished interior that allows the ring to slide easily and rest comfortably on the finger. It is a member of the Platinum group of metals that also include Platinum and Rhodium so it will never change its colour and is white throughout. This ring is a beautiful choice for someone who prefers a chic solid enduring look.


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