Palladium 950 Heavy D Matt Centre 6mm Wedding Ring




Palladium 950 Hallmark
Width 6mm
Available in Sizes H-Z 3
Average Weight 3.8g-4.0g
Presented in Elegant Cardboard Ring Box

Palladium 950 Heavy Weight D Shape Matt Centre 6mm Wedding Ring

This traditional Palladium D Shaped Wedding Ring is a classic design, which will stand the test of time. It has a Matt Center which gives it an elegant look. It is curved on the outside and flat on the inside creating a ‘D’ shaped cross-section, which gives the style its name. It is a member of the Platinum group of metals that also include Platinum and Rhodium so it will never change its colour and is white throughout. This ring is a beautiful choice for someone who prefers a simple, classic look.


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